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New openings at faithful Catholic schools & colleges, including associate director of admissions and assistant professor of philosophy at @BelmontAbbey #CatholicJobs #CatholicEdJobs

Jesuit secondary education can’t fulfill its a Catholic mission “if its self-presentation brackets God and announces itself as committed to ‘the greater glory’ of… whatever.” - George Weigel @cworldreport @Newman_Society

Nonsense! Now is the time for authentic education devoted to truth. It’s the best response to the plea for righteousness, because culture rooted in faith, natural law, custom, law, order is its only guarantee. No better time to renew faithful Catholic education! @Newman_Society

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.@RutgersU's English department will no longer emphasize teaching proper English grammar or standard academic forms of writing in an effort to "stand with and respond" to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Latest by @NewmanSocPres: "Across the country this month, many Americans celebrated 'wins' for Catholic schools and religious freedom at the Supreme Court—and rightly so. But it would be a mistake to believe that Catholic education is secure without substantial fortification."

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We must use every opportunity we still have to prepare the next generation for a renewal of fidelity and of American culture.

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