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Fr. Boucher @collegemagdalen on guiding students: “I tend to treat them like sailors, expecting a lot from them, but I think they like that.” Fr. Martignelli @avemariauniv: students what to know “what is God calling me to do?” @NCRegister @Newman_Society

Courts are weighing our basic human right to praise and serve God. Legal attacks on Catholic schools... ministerial exception... redefining sex discrimination... demanding removal of moral standards for teachers. @CrisisMag @Newman_Society

Catholic schools need help! Where was the similar alarm last year, when 98 closed? Average 133/yr closed since 1960. We've wreaked our own devastation. Faithful Catholics are displeased, many homeschool. Renewing Catholic identity MUST be part of solution.

"[T]oo many Catholic administrators and teachers would rather betray Catholic values than look somehow apart or out of step with the secular majority,” warns former Catholic university president.

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