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Here’s a long thread: Matt Archbold of @CMReport is right to be glad that the Court reinforced “hiring for mission,” but I think that Catholics make a HUGE mistake to think that Catholic schools are in a better position. Here’s why... @Newman_Society

Impressively, #SCOTUS defers to religious authority in its ruling on the ministerial exception. “Alito turns to the Catholic Church’s own requirements for Catholic school teachers” in the Catechism and Canon 804. @Newman_Society

Warning to Catholic educators: Today's ministerial exception ruling is NOT good for all. Catholic schools and colleges that intentionally form students in the faith have more protection. But secularized schools are more vulnerable than ever. Most of their teachers won't qualify.

Bottom line of #SCOTUS rulings: U.S. increasingly hostile to truth and religion, but religious organizations (alone) may uphold faith. It's up to the Church to get its houses in order and live the faith confidently, with conviction, and likely with much suffering. @Newman_Society

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