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Now is a great time for the bishops to take a firm stand and get ahead of yet another (worse) commencement scandal at @NotreDame. It invited @JoeBiden this year, but he declined -- hinting that he'd accept another year. Divisive, offensive and unnecessary.

Or, the bold leadership of Catholic institutions. We demonstrated leadership when we held classes in person all of this academic year. Let’s keep demonstrating to other institutions how it’s done.

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal says Catholic schools are losing students at record rates and hundreds are closing. President and Founder of the @Newman_Society, @NewmanSocPres, shares his reaction and whether he was surprised or worried by the report.

Putting an End to Catholic Commencement Controversies by Patrick Reilly, president of Newman Society, via @catholicthing

“These schools are truly almae matres, nourishing mothers,” says one student, “who care for their children’s physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare.”
via @NewmanSocPres

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