Are the Dominicans Bringing Orthodoxy Back to the Academy?

Joseph Pearce

Only one of 15 Dominican colleges is recommended in The Newman Guide.

Commentary / Journal

8 Rules for Catholic Schools

Brian Caulfield

A parent’s benchmarks for excellence in faithful Catholic education.


Let Them Be Born in Wonder

Anthony Esolen

An ageless education puts young people in conversation with everyone, perennially.


Graduation Speeches: A Time for True Assessment (Part 1)

Michael van Hecke

Catholic-school graduation speeches should exemplify four years of intellectual, cultural and moral formation.


Education in the Workaday World

Veronica Arntz

Beyond training, students should be truly free to marvel and wonder.


Ideology and the Humanities

Glenn C. Arbery

Liberal education can liberate students from ideologies into genuine thought.


Do Sports Spoil Catholic Education?

Joseph Pearce

Some Catholic schools and colleges place too much emphasis on athletics programs.


Loss of Memory and the Persistence of Beauty

Sister Thomas More Stepnowski, O.P.

By students’ participation in the liturgy and sacraments, Catholic education can keep beauty from vanishing away.

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