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Kelly Salomon, Editor of The Newman Guide

Hi, my name is Kelly Salomon, and I am the editor of The Newman Guide at The Cardinal Newman Society! Ten years ago, I was a high school student who used The Newman Guide to find my alma mater. I wanted to attend an authentic Catholic college where I could study the liberal arts and compete on a Division I tennis team. During college, I grew in my faith, prepared for my career, and met my husband. I’m so grateful for The Newman Guide and am eager to help YOU experience all that a faithful Catholic college can provide. Please don’t miss signing up for our Recruit Me program that allows faithful Catholic colleges to recruit you, and makes you eligible for our $5,000 Essay Scholarship Contest.  Below, I will introduce you to many of our free resources!  Feel free to email me with any questions at God bless you!

Why should you choose a faithful Catholic college?

At faithful Catholic colleges, students receive strong support in the Faith. They prepare for their careers, and also for the rest of their lives.  The reality is that Catholic colleges aren’t all the same. Below are some articles that help explain the value of a faithful Catholic college education.

  1. Why Choose a Catholic College?
  2. Fidelity Matters… A Lot: Catholic Colleges Are Not All the Same
  3. It’s About Navigating Life: The Importance of Philosophy & Theology
  4. What about Other Catholic Colleges?
  5. A Student’s Perspective: Recommended Catholic Campuses

How can you navigate the college search?

The typical advice you will read in books and hear from well-meaning friends and advisors focuses on two priorities in the college search: Will the college help you get a good job? And will you have fun? But there’s much more to choosing a college!

I can’t recommend enough the articles listed below, which will help you consider who you are and what you need to be successful, and your goals for the future.

  1. So Many Choices: How to Know Which College Is Right for You
  2. Big Money, Hard Choices
  3. College Search Timeline
  4. Getting Into a Good Catholic College: 5 Things You Need to Know
  5. Blessings and Pitfalls of Dorm Life
  6. Tips for the All-Important Campus Visit
  7. College Applications: Steps to an Exceptional Essay
  8. Popular Majors, Sports, and Activities at Newman Guide Colleges

How can you grow your faith on campus?

The importance of the first couple weeks of a college semester cannot be overstated. It’s a critical time for you to get involved with your faith and activities that will help surround you with good friends.

  1. Tips for Keeping Your Faith Alive in College
  2. A Checklist for Growing Your Faith
  3. The Happy and Successful Student: Sober and Chaste

Questions about the college search?  Email Kelly Salomon, editor of The Newman Guide, at  God bless you!