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Curriculum Standards Program Overview

A Note from the Project Leads:

The Cardinal Newman Society offers these Catholic Curriculum Standards as a resource for educators to help keep focus on what is unique about Catholic elementary and secondary education: its evangelizing mission to integrally form students in Christ and transmit a Christian worldview.

The standards cover English language arts, math, scientific topics, and history, focusing on unique Catholic insights into these curricular areas and complementing the Church’s standards for religious instruction. They are broadly grouped into two grade levels, K-6 and 7-12. They express student levels of learning, inviting educators to assign or develop materials and choose subject matter that serve the unique mission of Catholic education.

We built the standards on the solid foundation of Church documents, the educational philosophies of faithful Newman Guide colleges, and many writings on Catholic, liberal arts, and classical education. We consulted with many leading Catholic scholars, school leaders, and standards experts to ensure the highest quality resource.

For parents and educators seeking more practical assistance, the Catholic Curriculum Standards are accompanied by lists of recommended resources and suggested literature. This website offers additional resources and a growing treasury of insights into Catholic education that may be useful to both parents and schools.

The standards may be implemented by Catholic educators according to their needs. Where there is already success in renewing Catholic education, we hope the Catholic Curriculum Standards strengthen that renewal. Where educators are looking to change course, the standards may be a valuable tool.

Even amid growing challenges in today’s society, Catholic schools and homeschool programs that embrace and celebrate the mission of Catholic education continue to thrive across the United States. The Cardinal Newman Society makes this free resource available to all educators, including parents, the primary educators of children, in hopes of continuing this renewal of Catholic education for the benefit of our children, our Church, and the common good they serve.

Yours in Christ,

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Dan Guernsey, Ed.D.
Director of K-12 Programs
Denise Donohue, Ed.D.
Deputy Director of K-12 Programs

Developers of the Catholic Curriculum Standards