Appendix F

Mathematics Resources

Best Practice Suggestions for Mathematics in Catholic Schools, Grades K-6

  • Ensure developmental appropriate mathematics instruction in younger grades. Beware of mathematical programs that push abstract operations too quickly into younger minds.
  • Ensure a positive approach to mathematical inquiry by maximizing student success and confidence in early mathematical experiences and incorporating opportunities for joy, wonder, and excitement in the study of mathematics.

Best Practice Suggestions for Mathematics in Catholic Schools, Grades 7-12

  • Consider an interdisciplinary, liberal arts approach to mathematics, especially in high school.
  • Professional development in philosophy, especially philosophers who have greatly impacted the Catholic western tradition.

Abstractions of the Human Mind

What one abstracts from reality is basic but fundamental, though what is constructed out of the abstraction is much more important in the study of mathematics. For example, one can take in at a glance a small number of apples, say 5 or 6, but not as many as 100 or 1,000. Mathematics teaches us how to construct these numbers in our mind from the simpler concepts immediately abstracted from reality.

Mathematics Resources

Ashley, B. The arts of learning and communication: A handbook of the liberal arts.

Ashley, B. The way toward wisdom: An interdisciplinary and intercultural introduction to metaphysics.