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The Cardinal Newman Society offers these Catholic Curriculum Standards as a resource for educators to help keep focus on what is unique about Catholic elementary and secondary education: its evangelizing mission to integrally form students in Christ and transmit a Christian worldview.

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The K-12 standards and suggested readings in Appendix C for the reading/literature curriculum in Catholic schools reflect more than the uniqueness of their intellectual tradition. They also provide the academic rigor missing in most public school English language arts curricula.

-Sandra Stotsky

Since, in every school, the curriculum carries the mission, these Catholic Curricular Standards are an invaluable contribution to Catholic schools everywhere. Catholic schools have benefited from the standards based reform movement in education with one notable exception. The absence of rigorous standards rooted and grounded in our Catholic tradition. Implementation of the Catholic Curricular Standards will provide a renewed sense of mission for our Catholic schools operating within the increasingly secularized world of education today.

-Rev. John Belmonte, S.J., Ph.D.

Amidst widespread confusion about the nature and aims of the curriculum, these K-12 standards offer educators structured guidance on how to deliver a robust Catholic intellectual formation. A splendid achievement.

-Dr. Ryan Topping, Fellow of Thomas More College, and author of The Case for Catholic for Catholic Education