The Cardinal Newman Society announces national Catholic Education Honor Roll schools - Cardinal Newman Society

The Cardinal Newman Society announces national Catholic Education Honor Roll schools

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 17, 2017
Contact: Patrick Novecosky,, (703) 367-0333 x 102

The Cardinal Newman Society announces national Catholic Education Honor Roll schools

MANASSAS, Virginia—Today, The Cardinal Newman Society is pleased to announce the first group of nationally recognized Catholic Education Honor Roll High Schools for the 2017-2022 award cycle. They are:

The Catholic Education Honor Roll is a national program recognizing high schools that are committed to strong Catholic identity. Recognized schools commit to and model the Principles of Catholic Identity in Education, which The Cardinal Newman Society has derived from Catholic Church teaching and guidance on elementary and secondary education. The five principles are: Inspired by Divine Mission; Models Christian Communion; Encounters Christ in Prayer, Scripture, and Sacrament; Integrally Forms the Human Person; and Imparts a Christian Understanding of the World.

“We’re excited about the example shown by these faithful Catholic high schools and the impact they are having in Catholic education across the country,” said Dr. Denise Donohue, Deputy Director of The Cardinal Newman Society’s K-12 Programs. “Catholic educators and parents have a real hunger for faithful Catholic education, and the Honor Roll celebrates the very best.”

More than 110 high schools are now working through the application process in the hope of achieving recognition status. All high schools in the country meeting the requirements for eligibility are welcome to apply. Eligibility requirements are: The school 1) has been in operation for three or more years, 2) requires the primary administrator to be a practicing Catholic, 3) requires four years of Catholic Theology, and 4) agrees to model the Principles of Catholic Identity in Education.

The Newman Society has made multiple changes to the new 2017-2022 administration. The recognition period has changed from two to five years, and recognition is now awarded on a rolling basis. After successful determination of eligibility, schools must provide basic demographic data in a Pre-Application, followed by questions about Catholic identity in the Formal Application. School and community leaders are required to sign off on the contents of the application prior to submission. There is a one-time $50 application fee.

NOTE: Program director Dr. Denise Donohue is available for interviews upon request. Contact: Patrick Novecosky,, (703) 367-0333 x 102

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