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California College to Help Catholic Revival in New England

“The Catholic Church in New England will soon have a new higher education option with the arrival of Thomas Aquinas College, a well-respected Great Books college in Santa Paula, California, that plans to begin classes next fall at its new branch campus in Northfield, Mass., pending approval from its accreditor,” writes our own Kelly Salomon, director of Newman Guide programs, in a new article at LifeSiteNews.

…It joins two other nearby colleges — Northeast Catholic College in Warner, New Hampshire, and The Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in Merrimack, New Hampshire — providing authentic Catholic education and embracing faithful Catholic tradition, liturgy and culture in a region where Catholics have struggled with clergy scandals and increasing secularism. All three colleges are recommended in The Newman Guide for their strong Catholic identity.

…Northeast Catholic and Thomas More invite Catholics to rediscover the richness of the faith and intellectual heritage that laid the foundation for New England values of religious freedom, individual rights and social responsibility. Now Thomas Aquinas College will join in the conversation, with its experience facing similar challenges of secularism in California.

“Having a strong Catholic identity has been key to the College’s success,” said Anne Forsythe, director of college relations. “That identity can be found not only in our campus life and in the vibrant spiritual life of our students and faculty, but also — and primarily — in our academic program, which is ordered to theology, in particular the works of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Church’s Universal Doctor.”

Salomon reports that Thomas Aquinas College was donated the Northfield campus by the National Christian Foundation, which considered more than 150 applicants. The campus formerly housed a preparatory school and consists of 100 acres of land and 20 buildings.

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KELLY SALOMON is director of education and advocacy for The Cardinal Newman Society, which promotes and defends faithful Catholic education.

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