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Catholic Identity Must Be Clearly Stated

One week before Easter, we sent to you the latest article written by Patrick Reilly – 10 Key Takeaways From the Vatican’s New Instruction on Catholic Education. The article summarized the latest document from the Congregation for Catholic Education and said the document could help tremendously, “if dioceses take to heart […]

Catholic Education Scandal on April Fool’s Day

Imagine the irony: Today, April Fool’s Day, a Boston high school named Catholic Memorial will bestow an award on a pro-abortion politician. You might think this is just part of the day’s hijinks, a calculated prank, but sadly, this scandal is all too familiar and real. Patrick Reilly, founder of […]

10 Ways to Strengthen Athletics in Catholic Education (Bonus: Anticipated Questions One Might Encounter)

Develop and display an athletics mission statement which affirms that athletics complement and extend your institution’s faith-based mission. Prioritize academic and religious programs over athletics in resource and marketing initiatives. The institution’s primary public identity and pride should be situated in its academic and religious identity. Hold athletes to the […]

WATCH: Patrick Reilly on EWTN News Nightly

It’s Catholic Schools Week. While most Catholic media celebrated as if everything is “blue skies” for America’s parochial schools, Cardinal Newman Society President Patrick Reilly delivered a more sober message this week on EWTN News Nightly. Over the last 50 years, parochial school enrollment has declined by more than two-thirds, […]