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10 Years After Obama, Notre Dame Continues to Secularize

Patrick Reilly

It is hard to believe that already 10 years have passed since Notre Dame’s scandalous decision to honor President Barack Obama as its commencement speaker….


“Seek the Truth, Do the Good, Love the Beautiful.”

Thomas Cole

The following is adapted from the commencement address delivered by Mr. Thomas Cole, M.A., M.T.S., at Holy Spirit Preparatory School in Atlanta, Ga, on May…


National Essay Contest Winner Seeks College That Helps, Not Hinders, Life of Faith

Newman Society Staff

Most college-bound students are focused on preparing for a career, but Landis Lehman, a homeschooled student from Lucas, Texas, decided that she wants that and…

Commentary / Navigating the Catholic College Search

Prepared for Life

Landis Lehman

Editor’s Note: The Cardinal Newman Society recently announced Landis Lehman, a homeschooled student from Lucas, Texas, as the winner of the Society’s third annual Essay…


The Trouble with Charter Schools

Dr. Daniel Guernsey

In the last few decades, many alternatives to public schooling have become popular, including charter schools of a “classical” framework. However, despite their impressive results…

Commentary / News

Graduate Scholarships Available to Alumni of Newman Guide Colleges

Newman Society Staff

Are you planning to pursue graduate studies? Alumni of faithful Newman Guide-recommended colleges should know of these scholarship opportunities offered especially for them. Business Administration…


Pride on Full Display in ‘Hesburgh’ Documentary

Patrick Reilly

The mere fact that the laudatory, even triumphal, documentary Hesburgh will enjoy a limited release in theaters beginning today would no doubt have been deeply satisfying…

Where We Stand

Scandal Persists at Mount St. Mary’s University, President Defies Own Speaker Policy

Newman Society Staff

The Cardinal Newman Society is deeply saddened by the apparent decision of Mount St. Mary’s University President Timothy Trainor to violate the University’s own “Speaker Policy” and its Catholic mission…